Friday, October 06, 2006

Gail Farrell

Today, we celebrate the birthday of one of the most popular, talented and gorgeous of the music makers.....Gail Farrell!

The pride of Durant, Oklahoma (well....actually Salinas, California), came to Lawrence Welk's orchestra from the University of Tulsa in 1969 and soon made a name of herself as a vocalist, pianist, singer and songwriter. From her very first number with "Downtown", she is one of many talents.

Gail has been a part of many vocal groups on the show, paired first with Mary Lou Metzger as a duo, then as a part of the Curt Ramsey Quintet, as a recurring duo with Dick Dale as "Gail and Dale", then with Mary Lou again as a trio with Sandi Griffiths and most recently the Mixed Trio of Gail, Ron and Michael Redman.

Of course, Ron as in Ron Anderson, her husband since 1979. They are the proud parents of two grown twin daughters; Erin, who is an aspiring actress, and Lauren, who is now married herself and settled in Colorado Springs.

Gail and Ron make their home in Northern California's Bay Area, and no they are NOT Raider fans, Ron roots for the 49ers. Still, she keeps herself busy with singing and songwriting and has been on television alot; such as Match Game. This Christmas season, make plans to visit Escondido as she'll be taking part at the Welk Resort's Christmas Show featuring Ava Barber, it will be a show that you do not wanna miss.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAIL.....Play some of that Root Beer Rag on the piano!


Bill Gunnels said...

Miss Farrell was only "one of many talents" on the Welk show-but she was TV's loveliest, ever, in any genre.

Anonymous said...

I am Related to gail Farrell my name is Brittnay Farrell and my mom is sherry moores and my dad is Jerrell Farrell I love u Gail Write me