Monday, September 11, 2006

It's More Than Just Password....It's

From 1979, GSN is showing a week's episodes featuring our Janet Lennon as one of the celebrity contestants! Here she is featured to your left with host Allen Ludden and game show icon Monty Hall.

So far, from what I have watched....Janet has proven to be a very good Password player, plus her years on the Welk show have made her a very entertaining and easy to root for. Here's Janet trying to guess the password from clues given by her partner.

And towards the end of the show, knowing that she's on the show...this following puzzle is an ode to Janet's association with the Champagne Music Makers, but in a cruel twist of was Monty Hall's team that guessed the puzzle correctly and won $100 dollars! Here's the puzzle below.

And the password for today is "Wunnerful", which means that both shows on TV are simply "wunnerful, wunnerful!"

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