Sunday, November 13, 2011

Salute to Fred Astaire

Time to put on your top hat and tails along with your dancing shoes because this week, the Champagne Music makers pay tribute to Fred Astaire!

Here's some of the highlights from the show.....

Gail and Ava team up while wearing dresses combining Ol' Bavaria and Big City Sophistication....

Jack Imel plays with his marimbas....

......and George Cates plays with his baton.

SALUTE TO FRED ASTAIRE - September 27, 1980

1. IT'S S'WONDERFUL - Sheila, Sherry, Anacani, Gail, Kathie, Ava, Curt (Ramsey), Jimmy (Roberts), Ken, Jim, David, Roger, Joe
2. THE CARIOCA - danced by Bobby Burgess and Elaine Balden
3. A FINE ROMANCE - Guy Hovis
5. I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO CHANGE MY PLAN - the orchestra

6. SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES - Tom Netherton with Bob Ralston at piano
7. I LOVE A PIANO - Ava Barber and Gail Farrell also on piano
8. LIMEHOUSE BLUES - Jack Imel and his marimbas
9. THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT - Jim Turner and his guitar
10. SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE - the orchestra

11. DANCING IN THE DARK - the orchestra conducted by George Cates
12. HOW ARE THINGS IN GLOCCA MORRA? - Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston on Hammond Organ
13. BLUE SKIES - Bob Havens on trombone and Arthur Duncan dancing
14. THREE LITTLE WORDS - Sheila and Sherry Aldridge with David and Roger Otwell

15. I GOT MY LOVE TO KEEP ME WARM - the orchestra
16. YOU AND THE NIGHT AND THE MUSIC - Kathie Sullivan with Myron Floren on accordion
17. CHEEK TO CHEEK - Ken Delo
18. I LOVE LOUISA - Myron Floren on accordion with Ava, Kathie, Gail, Sherry, Anacani, Sheila, Joe, Roger, David, Jim, Guy and Jimmy along with Bobby and Elaine dancing

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Both Ralna English and Mary Lou Metzger do not appear in this episode.

I knew that around the time of taping (mid-1980) that Ralna's absence was attributed to personal issues going through, but I was surprised that Mary Lou also didn't appear. This is one of the very rare occasions during her tenure that happened.

Still, this week's episode was a fun, pleasant and fitting salute to one of Hollywood's greatest song-and-dance men like Fred Astaire. They just don't have talent and class today like they did back then.

Until next time, keep a song in your heart and may the days of your lives be s'wonderful!

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kregg said...

I noticed that Norma Zimmer also did not appear in this episode