Sunday, September 04, 2011

The episode that started it all, from July 2, 1955

It's always wunnerful, wunnerful to start a whole new season of Welk shows.

Here's Mary Lou Metzger welcoming viewers for the 25th season broadcasting on public television.

But what's this? Through the magic of television, it's now black & white and Mary Lou looks like she's in Ozzie & Harriet's living room!

There's a reason for this, episode one for 2011-12 is the national debut episode of the series which originally aired July 2, 1955 on ABC.

As you can tell, the Musical Family were just kids back then..... Jimmy Roberts

.....Rocky Rockwell

....Buddy Merrill

...and Dick Dale just to name a few.

Little did anyone realize that Saturday night in July was the start of something special. The combination of music, singing, talent and dancing would make the Lawrence Welk Show an enduring television institution.

As I write this blog entry, four of the Music Makers appearing in this week's landmark episode are still with us. Dick Dale, Bill Page, Rocky Rockwell and Buddy Merrill.

To view the complete songlist from this week's episode, just go to THE DODGE DANCING PARTY on my webpage for that and more!

In the meantime, until next week....Goodnight Ladies, Farewell Gentleman and hope you had a happy time!


kregg said...

Unfortunately, it was pre-empted by "Big Band Splash" (which I've seen 2 or 3 times now) in my neck of the woods. Hope to see it someday!

The Carrie Kelley Fan Series Blog said...

This was a real thrill to see!! I think I should have recorded it on my DVD recorder! It is no surprise why the show was a hit--it was so full of spontaneity! I really love the earlier shows for that reason.