Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Six Degrees of Gail Farrell #8

The time is right, and I know you're ready for it!

It's time for another edition of Six Degrees of Gail Farrell!

And today, we'll attempt to link Gail with famed attorney Clarence Darrow!

And here we go.....

1. CLARENCE DARROW defended John Scopes in the famous Tennessee vs. Scopes trail in 1925 which was coined the Scopes Monkey Trail by journalist H.L. MENCKEN.

2. MENCKEN was best friends with author F. SCOTT FITZGERALD who wrote the novel "The Great Gatsby"

3. FITZGERALD'S Gatsby was later made into a movie in 1974 that starred ROBERT REDFORD as Jay Gatsby

4. REDFORD later starred in "All The President's Men" in 1976 which also starred the character actor JACK WARDEN

5. WARDEN was a guest on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Johnny Carson, which bandleader Lawrence Welk at one point was also a guest.

6. And one of the stars on the Welk Show, none other than Gail Farrell!

Always keep a song in your heart and if you ever inherit the wind, make sure it is a cool breeze!

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