Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tanya Falan Hairstyle of the Week - Charm City Edition

Right now, as I blog....I'm in Baltimore on vacation, and over here the weather is hot.

Just like Tanya's hairdo this week, a great way to stay cool as well.

Her blouse is also nice, looks like one of my Hawaiian shirts I have back in my closet.


Nicki said...

This do looks good on her. When you eventually do the compilation and post all her hairdo photos could you put a year to it. I always try to figure out what year in the 70's it is. Thanks.

jbfunky said...

I'll try to come up with something, it's all about the volume of pictures posted.

Nicki said...

You might want to group them by year and then into thumbnails or something like that> You could link here to a page just for "Tanya's Do's" I can't imagine her having over 30 or more but who knows.