Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tanya Falan Hairstyle of the Week - Grand Finale

Well this is it, after six months here's the twenty-sixth and final installment....

We hope you enjoy this salute to a very talented and lovely lady and her different hairstyles!

The Hair of the Week segment shall continue with a different Welk star, just keep dropping in to find out who will it be.


Nicki said...

Hi JB,

Thanks. I think you should do a different person every week and do two side by side do's for them and add a poll with it. Also when you do the big collaboration of Tanya's dos that you should do a poll for that as well to see what do came out on top. No pun intended. I think Tanya has the most dos of them all. I would like to be able to vote on my favorite one after seeing them all in one place. I love seeing all the photos and stories you post here.

A'ab said...

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