Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Six Degrees of Gail Farrell #6

By popular demand, it's back....and if you're both a Welk fan and Dancing With The Stars fan, you'll love this one!

Today, in six degrees or less; we'll link Gail

....with Lacey Schwimmer, one of the talented professional dancers from DWTS

And away we go!

1. Schwimmer was on Season 7 of DWTS which one of dancing celebrities was Cloris Leachman

2. Leachman in turn, was known as TV's Phyllis Lindstrom on the classic 70s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show where one of her co-stars was Ted Knight as TV's Ted Baxter

3. Knight later starred in one of Hollywood's classic movies Caddyshack as Judge Smails alongside comedian Rodney Dangerfield 

4. Dangerfield appeared on The Hollywood Squares for the week of February 27, 1978 as one of the celebrity squares along with David Doyle

5. Doyle also was a guest panelist for several episodes of Match Game many of which were alongside Brett Somers

6. And of course Somers was on Match Game for the episodes in which Gail Farrell was a panelist! 

It is indeed a small world after all....especially in Hollywood


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