Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pop Culture Lessons - Musical Family Magazine Covers

As you may or may not know, I have a nice collection of vintage celebrity fan magazines.

And 99.9 three fifths of them have Lawrence Welk and or members of his Musical Family on the cover.

They provide a look back at the Hollywood celebrity gossip in the pre-TMZ, pre-ET days, long before the internet and blogs were invented. Like today, many of the stories were either embellished or just plain made up.

So don't take any of these too seriously, it's kinda like a pop culture history lesson that is so cheesy you might want to put it on a Ritz cracker.

Or just have a chuckle or two....starting with this cover of the August 1972 TV Star Parade

It's a very nice informal picture of Cissy, Tanya, Lawrence and Mary Lou. I like that fact that Cissy is shown wearing glasses, which I can relate to (I wear glasses).

On another note, I hope those rumors about Jim Nabors have been put to rest.

Here's the cover of Photoplay magazine from March 1969

The title may be exaggerated, but it talks about the trials and tribulations concerning love and relationships amongst the Musical Family that have been cultivated on the show.

But I think some of you are kinda curious about Chuck Heston's nude love scene....

The next two are from TV Picture Life, starting with the March 1970 cover....

Turns out the secret was that even though the Maestro was already a grandpa, this was the first grandchild to carry the Welk name and legacy. (Lawrence Welk the Third)

And the Lennon Sisters never did split by the you Lennon fans can relax.

Finally, this next TV Picture Life from July 1970 also trumpets the arrival of a Musical Family kid....

Actually, the article mentions that 95 percent of pregnancies are normal resulting with a perfectly healthy baby....Sandi's was one of them in the 95% range.

By the way, it's a girl. That is little Jenni Griffiths with Lawrence, Papa Brent and Mama Sandi.

And why oh why would Hollywood give Glen Campbell the cold shoulder?


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