Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Know Your Lennon Sister: Kathy Lennon Daris

Moving right along in our series of Lennon Sisters; we now get to know Kathy thanks to pictures and fun facts.

Facts include that Kathy is the Official Lennon Family Historian...

Worked for a few years as secretary to her husband Jim Daris, who is a chiropractor.

In addition to Lennon Sisters numbers, she also sang many solo numbers on the Welk Show and also performed in duets with fellow music maker Steve Smith.

Owns many antique furniture and collectables that once belonged to her Great Aunt Sally and her husband George Hearst, who was William Randolph Hearst's oldest son.

Oh, and she also co-owns and runs the Best Pals doll enterprise with sister Janet.

Here's another classic Lennon tune, "Promises, Promises" made into a hit by fellow music maker Lynn Anderson.


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Keith said...

I really like that 2nd photo of her.