Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Richard Maloof....musician and master thespian

Here's an example, from the 1974 season opener titled "That's Entertainment"

It all began with the Maestro dancing with Cissy King to Myron Floren's rendition of the Clarinet Polka

"This girl is too wild for me!" says Lawrence, "Myron, you dance with her, I'll play the accordian".

And here's Richard to the rescue!

"Mister Welk, Mister Welk! I can play it on the tuba." Rich proclaims....

"Show me" as the Maestro accepts his challenge.

And there goes, playing the Clarinet Polka on the tuba....

Cissy and Myron are both impressed.... well as Lawrence!

"My boys are full of surprises"....quote the Maestro.


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