Sunday, October 05, 2008

Musical Masterpieces

Any of you guys watched last night's Saturday Night Live? They did a pretty funny parody of the Lawrence Welk Show.

Fred Armisen does a pretty food job of being the Maestro, I must remember to tape it next time when they re-run that episode, and you can guarantee they will show it again!

Now how do I beat that? Maybe by showing some highlights from this week's Welk episode, "Musical Masterpieces."

Gail, Sandi and Mary Lou open up the show.....

Myron Floren plays "Czardas" on the accordion.....

Johnny Zell plays a nice trumpet solo of "It's All In The Game".....

....and finally, Tanya joins Ken Delo for a duet of "Glow Worm".

And here's some food for thought, the original airdate for this Lawrence Welk show was October 18, 1975. Later that evening, the second-ever episode of SNL also aired as well!

Funny how things come together.....yeah, that's the ticket.


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