Tuesday, October 21, 2008

David Joy

If you ever seen the 1969 Welk episode "Occupations", you might have seen the Dixieland number at the end of that show featuring Bob Havens, Russ Klein and a special guest playing the trumpet.

That mystery trumpter is David Joy.

Back in '69, David was only a teenager....about 15 years old but he plays one mean trumpet on those Dixieland Jazz numbers!

So far, I haven't found any info on him here on the 'net. He's one talented trumpet player and I am curious about what has he done since and if he still performs or not.



Anonymous said...

I came across David playing at Disney World in Orlando back in 1986. He was in his mid 30's then and still playing well. Of course that was over 20 years ago..... Also believe he played the Welk show when he was just 5 or 6.

Dale said...

David Joy and I were best friends in high school, (Whittier). We also shared gigs playing trumpet with the Seven Card Studs Dixieland Band, 1967-1970. Together, we won a contest at Knott's Berry Farm, recorded an album at Western Recorders on Sunset Bl., performed for 'Doc' Severensen at NBC and even jammed with the Scatman Crothers Trio when they were at Rueben's Restaurant on Whittier Blvd. I have recently made contact with Dave...we played a duet together over the phone :) He still has chops.

Ryan said...

I knew David when he lived in Orlando while working for Disney as well. He introduced me to his cousin, Tom Mann, a drummer from Terre Haute, IN.

Last I heard about him, he was in Wyoming playing. He is a living legend and I hope I can find him and work with him on an upcoming studio project. If you know how to connect with him, please have him email me: k1ne@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

David started playing trumpet at the age of 5. He had many engagements prior to the Welk years it should be noted. He had won the Ted Mack original ametuer Hour several times, played with Louis Armstrong at 8 years of age, and was with Phil Harris in Vegas/Tahoe for 4 years before the age of 9.

He unfortunately had ended a long career in the music industry in 1996 after contracting periodontal disease and eventually had to stop playing. He had traveled with Wayne Newton, Natalie Cole, Kenny Rogers and done some work with Carl Fontana, Mel Torme, and a whole list throughout the years with various singers/performers, to many to mention here.

Dave Kyle said...

I played in a dance band with Dave Joy from '75 to '78 in the Disco era. When I moved to Nashville, we got in touch durring the '90s and he was in Vegas. He is still one of the most flat out talented people I've ever played music with and I've played with a BUNCH of 'em! The band we played in was the Jimmy Dye Band, which played at the Club Idaho in Terre Haute, IN. I'm in LA area now and would appreciate anyone who knows his whereabouts writing me at dkyle21@yahoo.com
Dave Kyle

Anonymous said...

I worked with him at the Loomis branch in Tulsa, OK. He's a great guy and a pleasure to be around.

Mark Yannie said...

Great player!
I worked with him at Disney and other places in Central Florida in the late '80s--heard he was later involved in some ministry. Last got an email from him about 10-12 years ago when he told me of his teeth problem. Would like to find out more. thanks, mark_yannie@yahoo.com