Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Which Welk suits you best?

From all the message boards, chat areas and Yahoo! Groups I have seen on the world wide web. There has been on issue that has been debated and sometimes divided America as of '08.

Which era of the Lawrence Welk Show you like the best?

Many fans prefer the black & white, Silver Champagne Specials of the 50s & 60s.....

.....and there's a many Welk fan who prefer the later seasons shown in color.

Personally, while I prefer the later shows (mainly because of it's pretty girl singers....hubba, hubba) I overall like both eras because each and every one of them are unique, different and has a charm of it's own.

The black & white shows show the versitility of the music makers, with musicians also doing double time as singers and dancers, thrown in a mix of quirky charm and innocence that is television of the 1950s, and to quote Bill O'Reilly, "WE'LL DO IT LIVE!"

That is the shows were broadcasted live.....plus the orchestral sounds of the band sounded great in the 1960s.

The color shows were mainly focused on the individual performer, were we got to know the Musical Family up close and personal and were able to showcase their many talents. Plus, with the shows broadcasted in color, the sets and wardrobe were wild and colorful as the musical numbers!

And did I mentioned that I liked the girls?

It really doesn't matter what era one likes best, the best gift of all is that fans like myself get the chance to watch Lawrence Welk work his magic.

After all, it's much way much better than most of the trife shown on television these days!