Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welk's Hawaiian Adventure

This week, Lawrence and his Music Makers are off to Hawaii to open their 18th season on television. First aired on September 9, 1972, it's filled with island beauty and great songs as well!

Here's the Maestro at the airport, time to board the plane bound for Hawaii!

Getting things started is Clay Hart, with Sandi Griffiths and Sally Flynn, singing "Pearly Shell".

Here's Tanya getting the tourists involved by dancing to the Hookliau!

Now we meet Charlie Parlato as the Cocked Eyed Mayor of Kuanakakai along with Gail Farrell and Mary Lou Metzger.

And now here's Ken Delo, complete with hula girls as he sings "Lovely Hula Hands".

Other fine numbers include "Tiny Bubbles" sung by Dick Dale and Gail Farrell, a medley of songs from "South Pacific" performed by the orchestra. Guy & Ralna sings the "Hawaiian Wedding Song", along with "Beyond The Reef" by Norma Zimmer.

We also have the "Hawaiian War Chant" performed by Sandi & Sally and Bobby Burgess and Cissy King dance to "Paradise".

It was a great show, has me dreaming of those Hawaiian Islands!

Mary Lou's guest in the hot seat this week is Charlotte Harris, the Welk orchestra's very popular cello player. She talks about how she started playing the cello and her travels as a musician, as well as her family and her recent projects which includes teaching music to a new generation of music makers.

Time to say aloha y'all! Next week is the "Carnival" show, the grand finale for the 2007-08 season....after that is *sigh* a whole season of reruns.