Sunday, August 31, 2008

Carnival show

This is it, the last episode of the 2007-08 cycle of shows, and it's a good one! Originally aired on October 3, 1981 it's titled Carnival so let's join the music makers on the Midway for some carny fun!

Here's Guy Hovis in the solo spot with "The Colors Of My Life",

Next we have Gail Farrell with her fellas (Ron Anderson & Michael Redman) trying on some new hats while singing to "Put On A Happy Face"

Clowing around on the Midway is Bobby and Elaine with Ken Delo in the number "Be A Clown"

Now we have Ava Barber, joined by Buddy Merrill and Neil Levang, as she sings "I Was Country (When Country Wasn't Cool)" a popular hit made famous by Barbara Mandrell.

Finally, we have the gang doing the Soul Train Line to the tune of "Come Follow The Band" with all the music makers in their nice marching uniforms.

The outfits, of course, were designed by Rose Weiss which by the way was Mary Lou's guest this week. She talked about being the Welk show's costume guru as well as her work on the Academy Awards, Bob Hope and other shows in between.

Well, that all she wrote for this season. Next Saturday starts the 2008-09 cycle which is all repeats, but they will still be fun to watch as always!

Now, I must continue to prepare for Branson, maybe I'll see some of you guys out there.


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Wanders said...

Can't wait for your report on Branson! Have fun.

Love your blog.