Monday, March 31, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

Now I know that Spring is officially and finally here....opening day for baseball!

And thank goodness for Direct TV, we're getting MLB Extra Innings free for a week so I can channel surf to several games whenever I get bored watching either the Tigers or the Indians.

Right now, I'm really stinking up my NCAA Tourney bracket....only two of my picks for the Final Four has made it (UCLA and Memphis) and neither one is picked to be my national champion (I picked Tennessee).

Thank God I did not wager any money on this at all.....

For today, I'll just relax....with an ice cold RC cola and a Moon Pie and watch some baseball, and maybe create some fun junk courtesy of my new version of Adobe Photoshop.....

....and also dream ahead to the Summer, filled with Welk concerts galore include my epic trip to Branson.

And any Scotch in you?

The thought of sunshine, warm weather and no more snow makes me feel like dancing!


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