Sunday, March 30, 2008

Salute to Roses

This week, the Welk Stars pay tribute to a special kind of flower.... it's not the Venus Fly Trap, it's a salute to Roses so lets go to some highlights!

With Buddy Merrill at the steel guitar, Clay Hart sings "Ramblin' Rose"

Cissy & Bobby dance to Myron Floren's squeezebox rendition of "Yellow Rose of Texas"

Sandi & Sally singing to Lynn Anderson's mega-hit "Rose Garden"

Mary Lou Metzger and Bob Lido get down with "San Antonio Rose"

Dick Dale and Gail Farrell ordering some "One Dozen Roses".

Next week, it's a new one....from the 1960s it will be "Musical Memories" so until then, keep a song in your heart and stay frosty with some Geritol!


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