Sunday, May 21, 2006

Salute To The Big Bands 1980

Yesterday, I got to see "Salute To The Big Bands" from 1980 and here's my two cents worth....a pretty fine and well-done show.

The maestro kicked things off with "Chattanooga Choo Choo" featuring the band and the singers as shown in the picture there were fine musical performances by the music makers such as Johnny Zell, Skeets Herfurt and not one but TWO clarinet solos by Henry Cuesta, and like I always said....the boys in the band (other than Lawrence) were the real stars of the show, they give the Champagne Music that extra pop.

There were also some good numbers by Guy & Ralna with "Green Eyes", Ava Barber teaming up with Myron Floren for the polka induced "Just Because", and the Aldridge Sisters and Otwell Twins with the Frank Sinatra standard, "I'll Never Smile Again".

And then there's Mary Lou's interview with Elaine Balden...also known as Bobby Burgess' dance partner number three, that makes it three dancing partners in the last four weeks (Barbara Boylan - Southtown USA and Cissy King - Irving Berlin tribute)....and like the other interviews...this one was lively, pleasant and fun. Elaine talked mostly about how she teamed up with Bobby plus her family life...married to Welk show cameraman Jim Balden and her two daughters Alana and Skyla.

Next week is a repeat....1968's Salute To The Armed Forces, but it is also one of my favorite 1960s episodes!

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