Sunday, May 28, 2006

Salute To The Armed Forces

The episode we got for this Memorial Day weekend was a repeat but a goodie...Salute to the Armed Forces hosted by Jack Imel. However, as the picture above's also a combination of a farm-Emmy awards-military show which makes for some surreal but fun viewing. The opening number by the gang is "How You're Gonna Keep' em Down On The Farm".
Here's Myron Floren doing his popular "Alley Cat" accordian number with a few of his hip cats. The show also had a dance number arrangement by Richard Maltby and great individual numbers such as Tanya's "Kiss Me Goodbye", pictured below in the Emmy Award salute portion of the show.
And now we come to the Armed Forces salute portion of the show, here's Jack and his Navy buddies singing "He's Every Inch A Sailor" plus other military favorites such as "This Is The Army Mr. Jones" and "You're A Grand Ol' Flag".
And now here's the cast in the closing number in full military uniform singing the songs of all branches of the military...the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard....a great salute to all our men and women serving to defend our country.
When this episode first aired in May 1968, I couldn't help to think that this particular program came at a time when the US was fighting over in Vietnam and the many anti-war protests. I take the position that Lawrence Welk felt about this show and two years later with "Thank You America" that it doesn't matter if you're a hawk or a dove, here is a great way to express thanks and gratitude for this great country and the oppurtunities it provides...and a deep heart full of thanks to all our military personnel serving our country's honor.

Stay safe week's show should be a great one! It's a new one called "Easy Listening".


Sabrina Messenger said...

Great pics, but I'm curious. Are there any members of the Lawrence Welk crew who are military veterans?

Anonymous said...

happy memorial day greetings