Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Showers '67

Hope your spring is in bloom, and just like the flowers in the garden, the Musical Family is in bloom with this Springtime episode from '67.

And here are the highlights.....

The Lennon Sisters sing the praises of DDT.....

Barbara and Bobby play Bavarian Pattycake....

......and Larry Hooper listens to Howard Stern on the radio.

APRIL SHOWERS - April 15, 1967

1. APRIL SHOWERS - Kathy, Steve, Natalie, Jimmy, Barbara, Bobby, Dee Dee, Jack with Bob Havens on trombone, Mahlon Clark on clarinet and Dick Cathcart on trumpet
2. WISH ME A RAINBOW - the orchestra with Frank Scott on harpsichord, Bob Ralston on the calvietta and Orie Amodeo on flute
3. LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING - Norma Zimmer and Jimmy Roberts
4. STORMY WEATHER - Bob Ralston at the piano
5. CHERRY BLOSSOM LANE - Janet, Dee Dee, Kathy and Peggy Lennon

6. SINGING IN THE RAIN - sung and danced by Bobby Burgess, Arthur Duncan and Jack Imel
7. APRIL LOVE - Steve Smith
8. APRIL IN PORTUGAL - the orchestra
9. LOOK TO THE RAINBOW - Natalie Nevins
10. THE SHOE PLODDLER - danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan with Myron Floren on the concertina

11. A GARDEN IN THE RAIN - Joe Feeney
12. YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE - Jo Ann Castle at the honky tonk piano with Buddy Merrill at guitar and Neil Levang at banjo
14. RAIN - tap danced by Arthur Duncan

15. IT'S A LOVELY DAY (TO BE CAUGHT IN THE RAIN) - Kathy Lennon and Steve Smith
16. RHYTHM IN THE RAIN - Frank Scott at the piano
17. IT AIN'T GONNA RAIN NO MORE - Larry Hooper
19. IN THE GARDEN - Norma Zimmer with backing chorus of Charlie Parlato, Dick Cathcart, Curt Ramsey and Steve Smith

Each and every one of the numbers featured on the show was terrific, but there is one thing I question....

Why would Kathy Lennon and Steve Smith go cycling in the rain? Especially without wearing protective rain gear?

At least one can say these two know how to take risks in life.

Hope your spring so far has plenty of sunshine, even if you do have some rain and until next time, keep a song in your heart and don't step into any mud puddles.


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