Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A few questions I like to ask

It's for those especially who are critical of public broadcasting and those who want to defund it.

After spending time in the library doing research, here's the questions I like to ask all you critics out there....

What is your beef with public broadcasting?

If it's about cutting government spending, why is it OK for you guys to spend trillions on defense, oil subsidies and tax breaks for the wealthy, but you want to defund NPR & PBS whose annual federal funding for public broadcasting is only $1.35 per American taxpayer?

Eighty percent of Americans polled said that federal money for public broadcasting is money well spent, so why do you have a problem with that?

And I know some of you critics out there watch and enjoy the Lawrence Welk Show like the rest of us. If you cut off the purse strings for public television, where you going to go if you want to watch the Welk show? 

Don't hold your breath and expect commercial television to pick up the torch, especially since many of the different channels out there would rather air "original programming" which is another word for "dirt cheap reality shows".

And another thing, public broadcasting provides educational, informative, intelligent and cultural programming seldom found on commercial television. Do you have a problem with the populace being educated, informed, intelligent and enlightened?

For me, this is all nothing but partisan grandstanding by those who roam the Halls of Congress. It's nothing more than trying to score points for a political ideology without regards for the consequences on the populace as a whole.

And I don't like it one bit.

Please visit 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting to learn more and what you can do.

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