Monday, March 21, 2011

Dances With Lennons: Project Branson High School

Tonight is the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars by the way...

Although Janet Lennon is not in this year's cast, she does put on her dancing shoes in this following You Tube video!

This was from last year, when Janet danced with a local high school student named Corey. It was a fund raiser in which the proceeds went to the Branson High Schools Project Graduation.

And those kids sure can cut a rug!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bob Nichols for producing the 2nd Annual "Dancing with the Stars Branson" to raise money for Branson High School's Project Graduation.

Unfortunately, many of our graduating seniors did not receive much of the money, or any of the prizes because the woman that co-oped the Project Grad event, Lori Ashlock - Ruda, rigged the prize drawing so her daugher, and the entire table of her daughters friends won most of the prizes. In addition, the cash for attending Project Grad, was unequally distributed between the students. Some receiving as little as $40, while other students received upwards of $150.

I, as a parents and helper in the fundraising, am OUTRAGED that this Lori Ashlock - Ruda woman was allowed to take over the Project Grad prize reception and still have not answered for it. Any comments Branson Public Schools?