Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Champagne Five - My Favorite Anacani Songs

Well, I think the time is right for a new Champagne Five and today we put the spotlight on our favorite Latin Bombshell, Anacani!

And the list will be the Blogmaster's All Time Favorite Songs sung by Anacani on the show, I hope they will be your favorites too.

5. Sugartime (1974)

4. The Lady In Red (1978)

3. Noche De Ronda (1973)

2. Rancho Allegre (1979)

1. South America, Take It Away (1978)

But seriously, it's hard to find favorites since any song Anacani performs is a never find genuine talent like that anymore.

Keep a song in your heart and a rhumba in your soul!



kregg said...

Good choices! The way she sings "Sugartime" blows me away.

Nicki said...

Anancani was one of my favorites. Loved that she could sing both Spanish and English songs. She also played some musical instruments. She always kept her hair in the same style and once in awhile put it up. Loves when she did the wrap arounds and showed her family and her daughter as she grew up.