Saturday, October 02, 2010

Champagne Book Of The Month Club: Wunnerful, Wunnerful! The Autobiography of Lawrence Welk

Like Oprah, we at Welk Musical Family will have our own Book of the Month Club and what better way to get this started than with the Maestro's own autobiography!

First published in 1971, it marked the collaboration of the Maestro with Bernice McGeehan.

Basically, Lawrence talks about his life up to that point....his beginnings as a child of German immigrants growing up in North Dakota, his early days as a musician performing with George T. Kelly's band, forming his own band (The Hotsy Totsy Boys, Honolulu Fruit Gum Orchestra), his courtship and marriage to Fern and the growth of his own family as well as his Musical Family.

The book also is a perfect reflection of the American Dream, and how he got rich and famous while always staying true to his roots, never losing faith in people and his religion. He also set the record straight on some of the more controversial moments from the show, such as the departures of Alice Lon and the Lennon Sisters.

When the book was first published 39 years ago, it was a perfect storm of circumstances....ABC just canceled his show and it was making the transition to syndication, which made plenty of press. Also, that was the year the Musical Family played Madison Square Garden in New York to a standing room only sellout crowd.

All that resulted in being a New York Times bestseller, with many more books by Welk-McGeehan to follow.

But this one is special, if you find in your local library or vintage bookstore, pick up a copy and won't be disappointed.

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