Saturday, September 04, 2010

New season starts tonight

Just a few thoughts as another season of Lawrence Welk on public television starts tonight...

Even though they're all repeats from last year, the weekly anticipation still stays stronger than ever!

Having Mary Lou Metzger and Bobby Burgess as co-hosts is working well, but in the future would like to see the return of the wraparounds by the Musical Family.

For once, maybe my station will finally show the Musical Tour of the USA from 1969, it ALWAYS gets pre-empted by those pesky pledge drives.

And speaking of pledge drives, will my station EVER show Marvin Hamlisch Presents: The Way We Were - The 70s? I say that because Guy & Ralna are in the show with some musical numbers.

And finally, for OETA when they are choosing new episodes for the 2011-12 season, I know that plenty of fans would like more classic black & white episodes but would guys also consider a few episodes from seasons 14 through 16 on ABC?

On that note, commence with the new season and happy viewing!


Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with your blog. But I won't be watching these repeats this year. Seen them all a couple of times. Next fall I wish they would have all new ones. I also want to see more black and white episodes and more episodes from the later 70's early 80's. I also missed some good episodes because of the pledge drives. I will still tune in to your blog but I will be putting LW on sabbatical for a year or until there are new shows.

MadHatter said...

Mary Lou looks better now than she did back then..what a hottie! Keep up the good work on the blog !