Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Myron Floren Disco Polka

Polka and Disco, two great music genres that go great together.

And Myron Floren was able to make that happen!

The year was 1977, and disco hit the big time with movies like Saturday Night Fever and acts like the Bee Gees, Donna Summer and Chic provided the music at discotheques like Studio 54.

And it was only natural for Lawrence Welk's Musical Family to put on their boogie shoes, with the Happy Norwegian leading the way!

This album contains several of your favorites done with that disco sound, such as this treatment of the Beer Barrel Polka.

And also the Clarinet Polka....

Let's see John Travolta and his white polyester suit groove to that!



Dest said...

I want this album so bad.

Rage said...

I'm SO glad I found this page, I had almost given up. I have an old tape I recorded from the radio. Live broadcast from a nightclub doing a disco night and this song was on it. I'm trying to tracklist the songs and could not find this version.. until now. Persistance pays off. Thanks for posting this!

Dest said...

I found a sealed LP on ebay! So excited. My friend has a USB turntable so I can rip the songs into mp3s and take Myron wherever I go.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

I bought this in the early 80s for 99 cents, and whether on cassette tape, or mp3 CD, or iPod, I haven't been without it since then. Floren and the Sound Stage Super Pickers are tops!