Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's the Lawrence Welk Holiday Special!

This particular special during public television's pledge drives has a real sentimental value and one of my personal favorites.

First aired in 1993 and 1994, the Champagne Music Makers salute Christmases of Welk Show past.

Starring Myron Floren

Jo Ann Castle

Norma Zimmer

Bobby Burgess

Mary Lou Metzger

Sandi Griffiths

Ken Delo

Ron Anderson and Gail Farrell

...and the head honcho from OETA, Bob Allen

The two hour extravaganza, three or perhaps more when including those pledge breaks, is a retrospective of all the Christmas shows produced and aired by the Welk Show during it's twenty-seven year run. Featured are some of the most memorable moments and popular yuletide numbers by the Musical Family.

Like the March of the Toy Soldiers....

...and Bobby's dancing to the Carol of the Bells, with either Cissy, Barbara or Elaine

They also flashback to all the Musical Family's own family members, who get their time to shine as well.... Bob Ralston's kids playing the piano

....and Henry Cuesta's daughter Marion playing the flute

And of course, everyone is gathered 'round the tree, the kids waiting for Santa to come with their presents

This special is family fun for everyone, maybe it will be shown again down the road during the holidays....

I know I'll be watching!


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