Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Musical Family Kids - Jenni Griffiths

Who can forget those great Lawrence Welk Christmas Specials?

If you watched during the 1970s, you'll remember seeing Jenni Griffiths.

She is the first of Sandi Griffiths' seven children, and the Maestro himself referred to her as his next Champagne Lady.

And she is cute as a button!

Today, Jenni Griffiths Wilson is all grown up and has a lovely family of her own, complete with a loving husband and six wonderful children

And you can read all about it on her own blog titled Dr. Mom Essentials

It's an excellent blog, filled with her thoughts on raising her family and great advice pertaining to nutrition and home educating just to name a few.

Just click on the screen capture above to visit, I recommend it.

And she is still cute as a button!


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Jenni Griffiths Wilson said...

You are so sweet!!! I appreciate you highlighting my blog and saying such nice things about me. I LOVE your blog and website! Thanks for working so hard and doing so much to keep the spirit of Lawrence Welk alive!