Monday, October 12, 2009

Highways and Byways

This one is for all roadgeeks like myself....

This week, the Maestro and his Musical Family bring you music

....that salutes this

Some highlights from the show include.....

Dick Dale and Ken Delo with their own version of the movie "Taxi Driver"

Bobby and Elaine with friends and their Graduation Day hijinks....

Joey Schmidt fills in for Myron Floren.....

....and Mary Lou Metzger pretends what's it like to be a starving musician

HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS - January 3, 1981

1. On a Street Where You Live - orchestra
2. Easy Street - Guy Hovis with Skeets Herfurt on saxophone
3. Flirtation Walk - danced by Bobby Burgess and Elaine Niverson with vocal backing by Gail & Ron, Mary Lou & Michael, Anacani & Ken
4. Drivin' My Life Away - The Aldridge Sisters & Otwell Twins
5. Basin Street Blues - Bob Havens on trombone
6. Loch Lomond - Kathie Sullivan with assist by Ken Delo
7. Marta, Rambling Rose of the Wildwood - Jimmy Roberts
8. 12th Street Rag - Joey Schmidt on accordion
9. Cab Driver - Ken Delo & Dick Dale
10. I Love A Parade - orchestra with girls chorus of Kathie, Sherry (Aldridge), Gail, Mary Lou, Anacani & Sheila (Aldridge) and mens chorus of Joe, David & Roger (Otwell), Ron, Michael and Guy

11. On The Trail - orchestra with George Cates conducting
12. Love Is Just Around The Corner - Anacani
13. King Of The Road - Mary Lou Metzger and Jack Imel
14. Molly Malone - Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston on the Hammond organ
15. Route 66 - Gail Farrell, Ron Anderson and Michael Redman with tap dancing by Arthur Duncan
16. Primrose Lane - Ava Barber
17. Streets of Laredo - Jim Turner
18. South Rampart Street Parade - orchestra with Lawrence and Mary Lou dancing

This week, Bobby Burgess served as host....unless I'm proven wrong, OETA is rotating Bobby and Mary Lou Metzger as show hosts for the new episodes

As for yours truly....I'll be doing some happy motoring this week, it's back to Bear Creek Farms on Thursday to see my old pals the Aldridge Sisters and the Otwell Twins perform live in concert!

I'll be sure to bring back pictures along with many fine memories.

Until then, keep a song in your heart and your roads free of orange barrels.


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