Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Real Spirit of Christmas

This week, it was the Christmas Show from 1972 that was aired on public television stations from sea to shining sea.

From that show, let's say hello to some of the families of the Musical Family!

Robbie Smale (Bob Smale's son) tickles the ivories with the Maestro looking on....

Here's Barney Liddell (trombone) with his wife Arlene and two of his kids, son John and daughter Rachel....

Now it's Mickey McMahan's (first trumpet) turn....

.....and we also have Lawrence with his grand-daughter Christina.

Bob Davis (reeds & woodwinds) has his turn in the spotlight!

And of course, here's the Griffiths family, Sandi and Brent....

And finally, here's Henry Cuesta and Larry Hooper!

This is what Christmas and the holiday season is all about.


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