Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pledge Naseum

Alas, it's pledge time again for the public televison networks.....which means no regular Welk shows for two weeks.

This week, we got "Say It With Music" for the second time this season and in condensed, edited-for-pledge breaks form. That is a first for me in all the years I have watched Lawrence Welk on my local PBS.

According to OETA, they scheduled "Songs of Johnny Mercer" from 1976....did anyone get to see that?

Back to the show I got (and the rest of Northwest Ohio as well)....several numbers were cut....such as Clay Hart's "Gentle On My Mind", Buddy Merrill's "It May Be Silly But Ain't It Fun" and the Calcutta number just to name a few.

Remember the good ol' days when they didn't edit and cut any numbers during pledge drives? That seems like ages ago....

....and now, a pledge haiku.

What's on PBS?
They're asking for your support
Empty your wallet

Hey, at least they didn't cut Gail Farrell's number.

....and that's always nice.


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Pastor Todd Hoeffs said...

No Lawrence Welk for us this week. Actually, I have 2 old shows on VHS that were edited for pledge drive in Buffalo, NY - one of them, being 1973 Berlin show and the other, 1981 Broadway Nostalgia.