Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quality time with Mary Lou Metzger.....and go Eagles

Right now, I'm still working on putting a few of my pictures from the Bear Creek show on my webpage.

I always enjoy my time after concerts meeting and talking with the Welk stars, and last Tuesday got to have some quality time with the lovely Mary Lou Metzger.

We talked about a variety of things, such as Welk, Richard Maloof (her husband), the upcoming reunion show in Branson (she was happy to hear that I'm going!) and her growing up in Pennsylvania.

Since she was born in Pittsburgh, and spent her childhood in Philadelphia....I asked the one question that the world has always pondered.

Steelers or Eagles?

I hate to break it you you guys in Black & Gold, but Mary Lou told me she's an Eagles fan.

If Mary Lou and Richard happen to stumble on this blog, here's a nice moment in Eagles history from YouTube that brings back pleasant memories for them and many other fine football fans.


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