Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Workin' Nine to Five.....champagne style

We are a nation (the good ol' USA for those living outside our borders) of working people employed or self-employed in a variety of jobs. From last Saturday's episode, "Salute To The Working People", here's a sample of the jobs that keep our country going.

There's the teaching profession, here's Norma Zimmer teaches music to the Semonski Sisters.

Bobby & Cissy as dance instructors....teaching the latest disco steps to their students.

Also, we have the seminary....Tom Netherton as a man of the cloth.

Know anyone that has been working on the railroad, Charlie Parlato and Ken Delo have!

And finally, there's produce vendors Bob Lido and Charlie again with a satisfied customer (Tanya Falan).

No matter what your job is, it sure beats being unemployed!

And one thing is for sure, as evidenced by this program, the musical family enjoy their chosen profession both on and off camera!


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