Sunday, April 01, 2007

Musical Family of Nations

This week, it's a trip around the world! Actually, the episode is "Musical Family of Nations" which originally aired on November 29, 1975 and the wraparounds are hosted by accordianist Tim Padilla....whom I saw and met at last Tuesday's concert!

The gang opens the show with, "It's A Big Wide Wonderful World" followed soon after by Myron Floren paying homage to Norway with a Norwegian polka, "Johnny Oslo Shadish" with a little dancing by Cissy King and Bobby Burgess.

Well like the Happy Norwegian's legs? Lets move on with the show.

Guy & Ralna sung about the "Family of Man" while the trio of Gail, Sandi and Mary Lou sang about "Wonderful Copenhagen". Tom Netherton did a great job with Wayne Newton's signature hit, "Danke Schoen" and the Maestro got into the act himself twice, playing "Over the Waves" at the squeezebox and later leading the audience with a rousing "Du Du Leigst Mir Im Herzen".

And what musical family of nations show wouldn't be complete without Tanya, when she is joined by her Italian friends Bob Lido, Charlie Parlato and non-Italian Bob Davis for "Eh Cumpari". It always leaves you with a smile on your face!

The orchestra did great with the following instrumentals, Henry Cuesta played "Granada" on his clarinet, George Cates conducted the band with a medley of Jewish songs, complete with Cissy & Bobby Dancing, and Arthur Duncan danced to the Sea Jam Blues.

Ken Delo, with everyone dressed as bananas, sang Alouette....which in my little opinion, was kinda a tribute to the Montreal Alouettes, a Canadian Football team. And there's Jimmy Roberts singing to an English folk song by Ben Johnson, "Drink To Me With Thine Eyes" with Charlotte Harris at the cello and Bob Ralston at the piano.

Ava Barber sang about poor Ol' Calija, we then visited Galway Bay with Joe Feeney and Anacani sang "Love Me With All Your Heart" or "Cuando Calienta El Sol" in Spanish. The gang then comes together for the finale with "I Give My Thanks To America"...a nice way to put a kabosh on this international show.

Next week is the Easter show from 1980, should be a good one for the forthcoming Easter holiday....see you all then!


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