Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Show 1980

Hope your Easter Sunday is off to a good start, this week's Welk episode is great proof of that. It's the Easter show, first aired on April 5, 1980 with wraparounds hosted by Ralna English. Here's the Maestro leading the singers and the band with the number, "Easter Parade."

During the course of the show, we are treated to several great numbers; such as Jim Turner's excellent rendition of "Peace In The Valley" on the guitar and Tom Netherton giving his all with "Rise Again". Also getting into the act is Guy & Ralna with one of their favorite spirituals, "Do Lord".

This week's show has several fine instrumentals, such as "It Might As Well Be Spring" which now is timely considering it still feels like winter here on the Eastern seaboard.

But I digress....back to the show,

The band played a great "Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet" with Arthur Duncan doing his taps to the cause and there's a great Johnny Zell trumpet solo with "My Tribute". And here's a little polka for you with Myron Floren and Joey Schmidt (of Napoleon, North Dakota) with the Happy Yodler Polka.

Everyone was in that Easter mood, the Aldridges and Otwells sang a nice "Put a Little Love In Your Heart", Ava Barber sang "A Tisket, A Tasket" with some vocal backing of "No, No, No, No" from the orchestra and Ken Delo sang about "April Showers".

Ken also puts on the bunny costume as he tried to steal some eggs during Anacani's number "Peter Cottontail" but she is wise to his scheme and all is well as you can see here.....

Bobby & Elaine do a very nice dance to "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" and Norma Zimmer sings about the "Old Rugged Cross." For the finale, the gang is led by choral director Bob Ballard for "God So Loved The World" followed by "Alleluia" with some nice work both brass sections of trumpet and trombones.

To sum things up, a very nice episode to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Next week....the episode shall be "Springtime" and hopefully, here in will actually feel like spring for once!

Take care....enjoy your chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs with the ones you love.


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