Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Salute to St. Patrick's Day '79

Yeah, I know that St. Pattie's Day was over a week ago, but last Saturday's episode was a sight for green eyes, especially after three weeks of pledge drives and no Welk.

Highlights from the show include.....

Jack Imel looking at the lunch menu.....

Joe Feeney wearing a green hat.....

.....and Bob Lido with his Hotsy Totsy Boys going green, period.

ST. PATRICKS DAY - March 17, 1979

1. IT'S A GREAT DAY FOR THE IRISH - Jimmy, Arthur, Norma, Barbara, David, Sheila, Joe, Sherry, Mary Lou, Sandi, Gail, Guy, Ralna, Roger, Ken, Kathie, Tom, Ava, Larry, Anacani & Myron on the accordion
2. GALWAY BAY - Joe Feeney with Myron Floren on the accordion
3. LIKE BE GORRA - the orchestra
4. HARRIGAN - Ava Barber
5. A TRADITIONAL IRISH REEL - danced by Barbara Boylan and Bobby Burgess

6. CLANCY LOWERED THE BOOM - Ken Delo and the cast
7. TOO-RA-LOO-RA-LOO-RAL - Guy Hovis and Ralna English
8. UNIDENTIFIED NUMBER - the orchestra
9. HI LILI, HI LO - Norma Zimmer
10. DANCING THE DEVIL AWAY - Myron Floren at the accordion with Bobby and Barbara dancing

11. DANCE AROUND A STACK OF BARLEY - the orchestra
12. IF YOU'RE IRISH, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU - Jack Imel and Mary Lou Metzger
14. ALIVE, ALIVE-O - Tom Netherton with Bob Ralston at the piano
15. GREEN GREEN - Sheila and Sherry Aldridge with David and Roger Otwell

16. DID YOUR MOTHER COME FROM IRELAND? - Kathie Sullivan with Bob Ralston at the organ
17. HOW ARE THINGS IN GLOCCA MORRA? - Bob Ralston at the piano
18. MISS ANNE ROONEY - tap danced by Arthur Duncan
19. KATHLEEN - Jimmy Roberts with Bob Ralston at the organ
20. I'M LOOKING OVER A FOUR LEAF CLOVER - Gail Farrell, Sandi Griffiths and Mary Lou Metzger with Bob Lido and his Hotsy Totsy Boys

A delightful episode I must say. It will bring out your inner Irish and go green!

Next week is another new one, a salute to Norma Zimmer from 1965 which is one to watch.

So until next time, keep a song in your heart and don't forget to speak softly and carry a big shillelagh!


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kregg said...

We had the Norma Zimmer episode this past weekend. You'll enjoy it. She and husband, Randy, sure kept themselves busy with two sons, mobile home park, ski lodge, her singing and recording career, and her painting!