Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Same Song, Separate Voices; made for television version

I finally got to watch the Lennon Sisters pledge special last Sunday, let me just say I was not disappointed at one bit.

As you well know, the title of the special comes from the Lennon's best selling autobiography of the same name. It's a retrospective of their career in showbiz starting from their Christmas Eve debut on the Welk show to today.

And along the way, they made plenty of fans and friends, some whom are interviewed on this special.

Famous folk like Kathie Lee Gifford.....

.....and Andy Williams to name a few.

But the stars of the show are the Lennon Sisters themselves.

This special covers all the goods, not just from the time as members of the Musical Family, but when they worked with other showbiz heavyweights like Perry Como, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Durante and of course, Moon River Boy himself...... all the trials, tribulations, tragedy and the joy of discovering Branson are covered too. If your public television station is carrying the special during it's pledge drive, make a date to watch it, or tape it, or do both.

It's just like reading the book, only it has moving pictures!

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kregg said...

I saw the special a week or so ago and was really touched by the tragic death of their father. I just picked up the book today!