Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some Thursday rumblings

Yeah I know, it's been a while since I lasted posted here, it's not easy trying to find new and fresh Welk related material.

That aside, here's some things I like to get off my chest.

I'm excited about the new season on PBS, it's very cool that the first episode of the season is the original premiere episode from July 2, 1955. Should be a real treat seeing some of your old favorites making their national television debut.

I also been hearing horror stories that many PBS affiliates have dropped the Welk show from their schedule due to cuts in the budget, like what has happened in Florida.

Because the Sunshine State's governor, Rick Scott, decided to veto $4.8 million to fund public broadcasting, Orlando's PBS affiliate WMFE is no more, selling the station to a religious broadcaster.

The good news is that WUCF is now the new PBS affiliate for the market. The bad news is, at least for now, they are not carrying the Lawrence Welk Show like WMFE did.

There's two things we all should learn from this.....

One. Rick Scott is a flippin' idiot and he'll suffer a painful defeat when he runs for re-election. (Hell has no fury than a Welk fan scorned)

Two. The importance of public television cannot be taken for granted.

Support your public broadcaster, whether they carry the Welk Show or not, it's one of the great cultural and educational treasures that our country has to offer.     


Anonymous said...

That's just plain wrong! Rick Scott was stupid in making that decision!! When I vacation to Florida, the Welk show better be on! Or else!

Anonymous said...

I believe WSRE in the FL panhandle has dropped it as well. The web site schedule just says TBA and the 2am Sunday slot shows NOVA replacing Welk. It stinks, but if a state is in the red, then cuts should be made somewhere. This is why OETA should just release the show on DVD as boxed seasons like most old shows are doing.

Anonymous said...

i love lawrence welk, but rick scott did the right thing. we dont want florida to be like california which is dying in debt and political correctness. the sad thing here is that PBS was supposed to get 4.8 MILLION in the first place. like the previous comment states, the welk show should be put out on dvd and/or netflix.