Sunday, November 15, 2009

Movie Songwriters

This week it's Movie Songwriters!

In this episode, the Maestro's special guest is Henry Mancini

.....and it's Bobby Burgess' turn to host this week

MOVIE SONGWRITERS - November 7, 1981

1. MOON RIVER - intro by orchestra; Sherry, Sheila, Roger, David, Gail, Michael, Ron, Kathie (Sullivan), Jimmy (Roberts), Guy, Ralna, Joe (Feeney), Mary Lou, Jim (Turner)
2. THE CARIOCA - Anacani
4. I WILL WAIT FOR YOU - Tom Netherton
5. CHARADE - danced by Bobby Burgess and Elaine Niverson (Balden)

6. SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE - Gail Farrell, Ron Anderson & Michael Redman
7. THEME FROM "MR. LUCKY" - Bob Ralston at the Hammond Organ
9. DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES - orchestra with Joe, David, Roger, Jimmy, Ron, Michael, Kathie, Gail, Jim, Anacani, Mary Lou, Sheila and Sherry

10. ZORBA THE GREEK - Myron Floren at the accordion with trumpet section of Charlie Parlato, Laroon Holt, Mickey McMahan and Johnny Zell
11. EVERYBODY'S TALKIN - Sheila and Sherry Aldridge with Roger and David Otwell
12. MY KIND OF TOWN - tap danced by Arthur Duncan
13. SEND A LITTLE LOVE MY WAY - Sherry, Sheila, Kathie, Gail, Anacani, Ralna and danced by Bobby Burgess and Elaine Niverson (Balden) along with Jack Imel and Mary Lou Metzger

14. THEME FROM "10" - Henry Mancini at the piano
15. THEME FROM "THE PINK PANTHER" - orchestra with Henry Mancini conducting
16. THE SWEETHEART TREE - Guy Hovis and Ralna English
17. I LOVE YOU AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT - orchestra with Henry Mancini at the piano, sung by Sheila, Sherry, Anacani, Gail, Mary Lou, Kathie, David, Roger, Michael, Ken, Ron and Jimmy

Overall, this was a fun episode....and watching the legendary Henry Mancini work his magic was a treat for all. It was also the first time yours truly got to see the Music Makers perform the Pink Panther theme, Russ Klein was exceptional with his saxophone solo.

Also, it great hearing "Send A Little Love My Way" again for the first time since 1973's Mancini-Mercer episode. That cute little ditty was from the movie "Oklahoma Crude".


For the remainder of 2009 calendar year, we're scheduled to get Welk repeats which works out great because during December is when stations go into pledge mode so there won't be any new episodes that would be pre-empted.

So until then, keep a song in your heart and if you're sitting under the sweetheart tree, watch out for bird droppings.



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