Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bob Havens T-Bone Exercise Workout Routine

Want to get in shape but regular exercise doesn't cut it for you?

From 1960, Bob Havens can show you how to play the trombone and feel the burn with the musical number "Tiger Rag" as he is joined by his friends Russ Klein, Don Bonnee and Jack Dumont from the Welk Orchestra!

Let's see Richard Simmons try that...



Buddytuba said...

Man, so many peole think that Lawrence Welk was such a corny, "unhip" show, yet he had so many amazing, talented musicians! Very hip indeed!

mjmcilroy said...

Looking back,this was a phenominally talented band of instrumentalists,unfortunately,too many singers to wade through. Bob Havens, one of the greatist trombone players ever,was probably the best instrumentalist that Welk ever had.