Monday, May 21, 2007

Lawrence Welk and MST3K, a match made in television heaven

I have always been one of these people who have more than one favorite television show, and have always been curious and imagined what if these two different worlds meet....kinda like when the Jetsons meet the Flintstones.

Here's are my two favorite shows,

There's the Lawrence Welk Show of course......

.....and there's the Sci-Fi classic Mystery Science Theater 3000

In case you want a refresher course, it is the show where a fella (Joel Robinson and later Mike Nelson) is marooned in space and along with his robot sidekicks Crow and Tom Servo are forced to watch the worst Grade B movies as an experiment by mad scientist Dr. Forrester and his assistant TV's Frank.

The beauty of the show lies with the cast making running commentary on these movies, with clever wisecracking riffs that run the gammit of popular culture, plus terrific comedy sketches and musical numbers in between!

It does have a little bit of that Welk magic in some way.

I wonder what it would be like if Joel and the Bots got to meet the Maestro and the musical family?

And also if the music makers were introduced to the Mads down in Deep 13?

I also wondered if the Mads forced either the Lennon Sisters, Sandi & Sally or the Hotsy Totsy Boys to watch "Manos: The Hands Of Fate."

Perhaps, imagine the crew from the Satellite of Love take part in one of the msuical numbers by the Champagne Music Makers singing some "Yellow Bird" or dance to "Calcutta?"

In reality....I have wondered if any of the music makers have watched the show...or perhaps are huge fans as well?

Now that would be really more ways than one!

Until next time, as Lawrence used to say...."Keep A Song In Your Heart"

or as Dr. F used to say....."Push the Button Frank!"


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