Sunday, February 07, 2010

No No can't drive through a snow storm

The last few days for yours truly have been miserable....

It started on Tuesday when my grandmother passed away. I left Friday morning to Baltimore, my sister lives and works there, to bring her back to Toledo to attend the funeral on Saturday. 

This was the weekend 15 to 30 inches of snow struck Maryland, Pennsylvania and the Mid Atlantic struck when we left Charm City causing traffic slowdowns, delays, accidents and then some, and because of that....we missed the funeral.

And on top of cars headlights burned out, so we took her car on the trip back. Right now, as I write....somewhere in Baltimore, a green Chevy convertable is parked on the street buried under 30 inches of snow.

Right now, I just want to be happy, to borrow a line from one of Vincent Youmans songs.....and it just happens to be the theme of this week's Welk show! 

So let's join Mary Lou Metzger and recap some highlights....

Lawrence Welk is selected to be the Rose Bowl Parade's Grand Marshall for '72 and recieves the world's largest scalped ticket to the game

The girls pose for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue....

....and the Music Makers get funky with their bad selves


1. (IT'S GONNA BE A) GREAT DAY - Ken, Jimmy, Dick, Bobby, Cissy, Gail, Sandi, Sally & Mary Lou
2. OH LONESOME ME - Clay Hart
3. A FINE ROMANCE - the orchestra
4. LET'S FACE THE MUSIC AND DANCE - danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King
5. ROSE GARDEN - Sandi Griffiths & Sally Flynn

6. MOON RIVER - Charlotte Harris on cello with Bob Ralston at the organ
7. THE SWEETEST SOUNDS - Jimmy Roberts with orchestra
8. THE BEER BARREL POLKA - Myron Floren on accordion, danced by Bobby & Cissy with Lawrence cutting in
9. REAL LIVE GIRL - Dick Dale and Gail Farrell
10. HINDUSTAN - Peanuts Hucko at clarinet with Neil Levang on banjo

11. I KNOW THAT YOU KNOW - danced by Arthur Duncan
12. WITHOUT A SONG - Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston at the piano
13. TEA FOR TWO - the orchestra
14. TOO MANY RINGS AROUND ROSIE - Sandi Griffiths, Cissy King, Mary Lou Metzger and Gail Farrell
15. BY THE SEA - Ken Delo

16. I CONFESSED TO THE BREEZE - Guy Hovis & Ralna English
17. NO NO NANETTE - Bob Lido, Mary Lou Metzger and the Hotsy Totsy Boys
18. TAKE A LITTLE ONE STEP - Dick, Sandi, Ken, Mary Lou, Bobby, Cissy, Gail, Jimmy, Sally & Bob (Ralston)
19. I WANT TO BE HAPPY - sung by Tanya Falan, danced by Mary Lou, Jack, Arthur, Bobby & Cissy
20. FINALE: REPRISE OF I WANT TO BE HAPPY - danced by Charlie (Parlato), Ralna, Guy, Myron, Sally, Kenny (Trimble), Sally, Jimmy, Dick, Charlotte, Bob (Ralston), Bobby, Cissy, Ken, Mary Lou, Joe, Arthur, Gail and Jack

I really enjoyed this episode, it was great seeing all those Music Makers dance together.....who knew that Kenny Trimble and Myron Floren were such the hoofers!

And it was great getting to see Mary Lou sing "No No Nanette"....maybe one day she'll sing it live at a Welk concert down the road.

Right now, I'm gonna sit back, relax and watch the Super Bowl....we'll be pulling for the Saints and feast on thirty pounds of food and sodas.

For now, keep a song in your heart and a snow shovel in your car....if you happen to live in Baltimore, DC or anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Oh and Stanford defeated Michigan 13-12 in that '72 Rose Bowl


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kregg said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother and all your other travails the past few days. That Yeomans episode was an especially good one, with Mary Lou singing, Bobby & Cissy doing lots of dancing, and Sandi & Sally with those wild outfits!